Manage and control of your live feeds

In today’s media environment, the ability to deliver news fast is more important than ever before. Using Wireless IP technology enables broadcasters now to be live fast and from almost every location in the world. The LinkMatrix is a web-based platform where it is possible to control  administer all  WMT devices and connections. It makes possible to publish feeds from Mobile Viewpoint units to any outlet of your choice, including Social Media.


The LinkMatrix uses cloud-based transcoding to ensure compliancy between any source and any streaming destination. The LinkMatrix is multi-destination and makes it possible to publish the same feed on many platforms including Private CDN’s.


Control of your feeds

The LinkMatrix gives a clear overview of all the on- and offline units and which are available to use for distribution. Easily drag-and-drop your content feed to the outlet of your choice. Sources for the LinkMatrix can be any encoder as long as it is able to publish video using TS, RTSP and RTMP.


Live to social media

Using the event page the LinkMatrix enables content to be published online and on social media platforms simultaneously with just a click on a button. It  also offers extra features such as a scheduling feature for live events, the ability to send the same video to mulitple accounts simultanously and a clipping service for instant clip selection of your live stream for direct publlication. 


Return video

The WMT Link portfolio can now receive and send video at the same time; this return video feature is also remote controllable. Within the LinkMatrix you can send video by dragging and dropping a feed on a WMT transmitter in the multiviewer connection screen.

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