Ruggedized 4G Actioncam

SkyLink is the first bonded action- and sports camera in the market. The SkyLink has two 4G modems and captures HD 1080p using an 8 megapixel CCD. The SkyLink is developed to be used in combination with drones but also to capture live sport events. The SkyLink can be mounted under any drone using the standard mounting holes and uses the bonded modems to send over live footage directly to any social media platform using the Social Media Link Matrix.


SkyLink has built in batteries that provide 5 hours recording on the internal storage or 2 hours live using the modems. The SkyLink provides standard IO to control remotely for example PTZ or Gimbal. This remote control makes it possible to have a drone flying its preprogrammed course but at the same time still be able to remote control the camera to provide the required footage.

For live sport video the SkyLink can be mounted onboard any sport device like bicycles, motorcycles and boats but also directly on the athlete. Next to video the SkyLink captures performance data from the athletes like for example heartbeat, blood pressure, bicycle speed and peddling power via ANT+ and build in sensors. The SkyLink has built in accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Hygrometer, Barometer and location (GPS) sensors. SkyLink also supports Bluetooth for audio communication providing the athlete two-way communication with the coach which could even be at the other side of the world. The performance data is synced with the video and are both stored on local (uSD) storage and transmitted live as part of the video stream providing real time and frame accurate tracking of the athletes’ performance.The video can be viewed on any player like VLC and Windows Media player but rendering the performance data requires a specific player which is provided free of charge. Bluetooth provides two-way communication and Live to any social media platform.



  • Micro USB for charging

Video Format

  • HD; 720p50, 720p60
  • HD; 1080p25, 1080p30
  • VGA; 640p90

Supported Encoding

  • H 264 high profile MVP codec 

Audio Encoding

  • AAC 44-256 kHz LFE


  • 2 sim modems; LTE (4G), fallback 3G
  • WiFi

Internet access through Databonding 

  • WiFi hotspot
  • USB to Ethernet

IP Management

  • Wifi


  • Dedicated tube design
  • Weighs approximately 200 grams
  • 11 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm (wxhxd)


  • 8 megapixel CCD (charge-coupled device)
  • HD 180p


  • Up to 65 GigaByte on USB stick (optional)


  • PSU 90-240 Volt to 5 Volt AC

Operations Settings

  • Live: Adaptive encoding and bitrate change with three options or with a slider (optional), with configurable delay between 1*-60 seconds (* On software version 17.4)

Special features

  • Build in sensors for Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Hygrometer, Barometer and location sensor (GPS) sensor
  • Sensor data is interleaved as a second video stream 

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